Christmas Wishes

inflatable sup review

Ok, so it’s almost Christmas time.  I’ve been encouraged by “Santa’s elves” (ahem… Mom) to get together my Christmas wishes and send on to the workshop if I want to find anything under the tree this year.  Obviously, I like nice things, and I don’t like to wait for them, so putting a list together of a few things I’d like to find wrapped up with my name on them was a wee bit challenging.  But don’t worry, mom.. I was able to come up with a short (albeit pricey!) list of my top Christmas wishes this year!

1.  Cash

Look, you can’t go wring with cash.  Money talks.  Money also buys me all the things I forgot I want until after the lights are put away and the tree’s in the trash.  Money keeps on giving.  So, no surprise that this is on the top of my Christmas list.  Some people look down on giving cash because it’s impersonal and boring.  I see it as neither.  It is quite personal to me, as I LOVE money, and in no way shape or form is money boring to me.  Plus, I know you didn’t have to wait in some crazy black Friday line to get me just what I wanted, and that’s another gift in and of itself!

2.  ISUP (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board)

The only reason I’m happy to wait on this one is that it is COLD right now.  NO way am I jumping into an icy lake to try this baby out.  I’ve done a lot of research on the ultimate inflatable sup, and I’d be totally stoked to get the Tower Adventurer under the tree this year.  Not only is it superior out on the water, but it rolls up so nice and compact that you would barely be able to find it in my apartment.  The compact nature of the board doesn’t cheat it out of performance, though – they say it’s just like riding a standard paddle board.  I’m all for it.

3.  A FitBit

Not just any FitBit, though.  I want the newest one.  And the Aria (the scale) that connects it.  Not that I’m 100% committed to physical fitness now, especially this close to the holidays, but if I were to jump on that train, I want to be ready.  Plus, all the cool kids are doing it!  (That was just for you, mom. And no, still not jumping off that bridge, don’t worry.)  I think they look awesome, and also make me look fitter than I am.  I will take all the help I can get in this category!