How to Save Money while Improving your Health

post 3 lifestylemoney image 1I value my health a lot. I put premium on my physical wellbeing. You should too. Why? Because everything that we do, from work to personal activities, requires a generally-fit physical condition. Am I stating the obvious? Yes, I do admit it but sometimes it’s necessary because people have this tendency to overlook the obvious in certain areas of their lives including what’s actually important—health.

One of the first things that come to mind when we talk about physical fitness is money, or the associated cost in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People usually link the word “health” with daily dose of vitamins, regular gym attendance and organic products. These items are, in turn, associated with costs or money spending. No wonder then that a lot of people readily dismiss this aspect of their lives because it will only add to their overhead expenses.

But is this really the case? Is a healthy lifestyle a luxury that is not for everyone? Nope. A healthy lifestyle can actually save you money if only you know how. Here are some tips:

Shuffle Those Feet

Using the car in going to work is very convenient; so is bringing the children to school (even if school’s only a few minutes’ walk from home). What is not convenient are the charges in maintaining your car and the cost of fuel, not to mention other expenses you have to bear that come from owning a car. Using the public transport to work is just as fast if not more efficient as it will take you there fully rested from the ride. I know of a doctor who bikes his way to work. His rationale: savings on gas and gains on health. Wise decision.

Ditch Those Vices

We all have at least one vice in our lives, although the most common and prevalent one would have to be hands down smoking. Majority of people I know smokes or at least tried smoking once. You could probably disregard the price of a single stick of cigarette but if you factor in the total cost for the whole year, the value could reach a significant amount to be noticeable.

post 4 image 1.jpgpost 3 lifestylemoney image 2Home-Cooked Meals are the Best

Eating out on a regular basis could impact not only your budget but also your health. Pre-packaged and fast food meals cannot beat home-cooked meals when it comes to nutritional values and costs. Takeout meals cost at least twice to five times more than home-made meals. They also contain more calories, fats and other undesirable ingredients.