All About the Benjamins

It might seem vain, petty or conceited to you, but my life is truly all about the Benjamins. I live for each paycheck, knowing I can trade it in for some of the newest, hottest items this world makes. I’m always in search of the newest and best. It’s a craving down deep in my soul. And I truly think I’m better for it. It motivates me, gives me a reason to work hard, and lets me play hard. Can you identify with that? Even just a little bit? I think we were all created with the desire to be on top, and I know I’m lucky to be able to live there. Life is a dream.

It’s earned me the nickname “Payday Maniac,” and rightly so. I figured I could use this place to share about all my latest acquisitions and treasures, and just enjoy my stuff, while helping others scratch that itch. Feel free to hit me up here – I’d love to hear what you’ve got your eye on next.  Who knows – It might become my latest obsession too.

Here’s to trading that paycheck for the best stuff in life!